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Chicken Parmingana

Breaded chicken breast fried in marinara sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheese

Price: 14.00

Chicken Francaise

Filet of chicken breast cooked in a lemon butter wine sauce

Price: 14.00

Chicken Marsala

Chicken breast sautéed with butter, shalots and mushrooms in Marsala wine sauce wth capers

Price: 14.00

Ice Cream

Price: 4.00

Cheese Cake

Price: 4.00

Carrot Cake

Price: 4.00

Chicken Alfredo

Grilled chicken tossed with Alfredo sauce

Price: 12.00

Poulet au Noix

Marinated chicken in a creamy sauce of cashew nuts

Price: 14.00

Curry Chicken

Deboned chicken legs/thighs cooked in our house made cury sauce with onions, tomatoes & potatoes

Price: 12.00

Jerk Chicken

Tender pieces of chicken marinated in Jerk sauce and grilled to perfection

Price: 12.00


Marinated pork cubes cooked with caribbean spices & deep fried

Price: 12.00

Mirelle’s Platter One

Griyo, akra, plantain with pipikliz

Price: 14.00

Mirelle’s Platter Two

Tasso, akra, plantain with pipikliz

Price: 14.00


Goat meat marinated in a spicy house sauce and deep fried

Price: 14.00

Chips Yoghurt

Lettuce, croutons and Caesar dressing

Price: 6.00

Tossed Green Salad

Cucumber, lettuce and tomato

Price: 5.00

Cranberry Juice

Price: 3.00

Pineapple Juice

Price: 4.00

Iced Tea

Price: 2.00


Fresh vegetables cooked in a delicious caribbean sauce served 1) With meat 14.00 or 2) Without meat 12.00

Price: 12.00,14.00

Curry Goat

Tender pieces of goat cooked in a curry sauce

Price: 14.00


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